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Top Teacher--Yvette Smith

Yvette Smith a WTOC Top Teacher. Yvette Smith a WTOC Top Teacher.

An agriculture teacher at Southeast Bulloch High isn't afraid to get her hands dirty and teaches students to do the same. Yvette Smith is in a field of education long dominated by men. However she's making a mark in and out of the classroom.

On the surface, she seems like any other teacher, but what she teaches separates her from many other female instructors. "I think some teachers are shocked that I choose to teach something that is so hands-on and I love to get dirty. I like to be outside," she explained.

Teaching agriculture, forestry and horticulture among other things, her classroom extends to a greenhouse where students raise plants and even tend to the greenery around campus. She said vocational classes like hers can prepare students as much as traditional academic subjects.

"This is the time to look and explore what you want to do because the real world comes very quickly," she added. "There's something out there for you to do, college, vocational school or work."

Last year, Smith started a project where students grow flowers and deliver them to local Hospice patients. She says it reminds students of the world around them. "I get excited and enthusiastic about what I do and when they get that too, I feel like I've done a good job," she noted.

Graduating from nearby Portal High barely a decade ago, she enjoys working with people who were her own teachers. Her dedication to her students and her community make Yvette Smith a WTOC Top Teacher.

Reported by Dal Cannady, 

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