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165th Airlift Wing Comes On Home

It was a happy homecoming this afternoon. the 165th Airlift Wing, home after more than two months away.

For nearly six weeks, Cindy Drew has been without her husband and their twin three and a half year olds daughters have been without their dad.

Between the three of them they feel the same way.

"Miss you daddy," said daughter Ansley Drew.

The Drew family was in full force at the 165th Airlift Wing this afternoon, for the return of the man, husband and father they all love so very much, Captain Jonathan Drew.

"It's more fear of safety and you just want him to come home happy and safe and for the kids wondering where their daddy is, when daddy's coming home," said wife Cindy Drew.

Reality for the three didn't set in until daddy's C-130 plane touched down. But the longing desire wasn't one sided. Captain Drew is the pilot for the 165th Airlift Wing and was gone because of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. He says they were busy providing support to the Army and ground forces over there but today he returned.

Captain Drew says after being gone for nearly 40 days. He and the other 21 airmen are very happy to be back home.

In the midst of the three ladies that couldn't wait to see him.

"Can't even describe it. That's what I've been looking forward to for 40 days now so it was a great moment," said Captain Drew.

And his wife says she's glad he's back in time for the holidays.

"We're just going to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas and I'm very proud of him," said Cindy Drew.

Captain Drew says he plans on spending the next few days relaxing, spending time with family and then returning back to work at the wing.

Reported by: David Hall, dhall@wtoc.com



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