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From the New Director's Desk: Election Day

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And now for something completely different. Okay, it is not completely different, and in fact, I'm probably several years behind the curve on creating a blog, but it is different for me.

As news director at WTOC, I get hundreds of emails a day and dozens of calls from viewers with questions about our newscasts. In a perfect world, I'm able to respond to them all, though quite honestly, there are some emails for which there is just no response.

Having said all of that, I figure if I give you a weekly peek behind the curtain, then maybe I'll be able to answer some of your questions before they are even asked.

So here I go, jumping both feet first, smack into the middle of blogging.

Today is Tuesday, November 6. Election day. As a citizen I love election day. There's really something empowering about casting a ballot for a person you feel is qualified, both intellectually and emotionally to lead our government.

As a news director, elections provide many challenges for a news operation. Our coverage area encompasses 20 counties in Georgia and South Carolina. There are dozens of municipalities in that area holding elections for mayors and aldermen.

WTOC has spent the past several weeks rounding up all of those races. The biggest challenge we face in an election like this is which races we put on our newscast and which ones we cover strictly online. There is no magic formula for figuring this out. We just do our best to determine what is going to appeal to the biggest audience. The problem is every race is important to someone. I can tell you that if you don't see your race on our newscast, Charles Gray and our entire internet team have done a phenomenal job of pulling this together online.

There are also many great stories associated with today's election. Voter IDs, students working the polls, transportation services giving voters a ride to the polls, and of course, a big controversy in Statesboro regarding GSU students voting. We are covering all of those angles today and you'll be able to see more about them tonight starting on THE News at 5.

Once the polls close we'll begin showing results in what we call a lower third format over primetime programs. You'll see the updates about 5 minutes and 35 minutes after the hour. Of course we'll have team coverage tonight on THE News at 11, and if you can't wait for any of those options, we'll post the results as soon as we get them on

So as you can see, it is a big day for us here at WTOC and not just because I'm launching this blog. I would like to encourage you to email me your questions and comments to and I would like to thank you for watching WTOC.

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