Thanksgiving 1950 - Betty Lee

One Thanksgiving Day that I remember was in 1950.

My husband and I were newlyweds. After eating with my parents, we went to the B.C. High School game at Grayson Stadium. He bought me a chrysanthemum corsage with maroon and white ribbons. My twin brothers were playing for B.C., so I was cheering for them. My husband supported them too. A picture in the newspaper called them "double trouble".

The one thing that marred that day was when one of my brothers was hit hard and suffered a concussion. He was put on the sidelines for some of the games after that but he was okay.

It was a tradition during the 40's and 50's for each school to build a coffin with the other school's name on it and the winner burned the loser's coffin on Bull and Broughton after the game. Because of so many fights, that tradition was stopped.

This year we will be celebrating our 57th Thanksgiving. I am thankful for all the years that God has given us together.

~Betty Lee