A Parent's Love - Kathy Albright

In the 1980's I was a foster parent in the State of Illinois.  I kept four "throw away children" over five years. Their parents' only concern was to get custody of them again to secure the welfare checks.  Once the checks started rolling in, the children were again abandoned.

I adopted one little girl at eight months old. Another little girl I kept was three years old at Thanksgiving time in 1982.  I remember that her mother went through all of the red tape at the Department of Children and Family Services, to arrange a visit with her four children, all in different foster homes. This woman and her boyfriend began the journey, early Thanksgiving morning, to three different Illinois counties to collect her children for a two hour visit. They then spent the rest of the day returning them all.

This mother was one of the few who clearly loved her children. She took advantage of the free assistance offered; received free schooling and job placement.  Six months later she got all of her children back home with her.  I was so proud of her and will never forget the sacrifices that she made for her children that day.

~Kathy Albright, Bloomingdale, GA