More Toys Made in China Being Recalled

Aqua Dots have been recalled.
Aqua Dots have been recalled.

One of the hottest toys on the shelves for Christmas is now off the shelves. Toy beads called Aqua Dots have been recalled.

The Aqua Dots are made in China, but they aren't being recalled because of lead paint. Aqua Dots have a coating that contains a chemical similar to GHB, the so-called date rape drug.

In Savannah, stores like Target were quick to pull them off their shelves. Michael's Arts and Crafts already had their supply boxed up in the back room.

Aqua Dots are small colored beads that stick together when wet and can be arranged in creative designs.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said they can make children very sick, even slip into a coma. At least five children, two in the US and three in Australia, had to be hospitalized after swallowing the toy beads.

CPSC Spokesperson Julie Vallese said, "If a child ingests them the glue turns into a toxic substance. It's very serious, we want parents very much to heed this warning."

Kathleen Boggs lives in Savannah. She heard about the recall on the news last night. "It really scared me," Boggs said. "I mean the date rape drug, that's drugging your children."

Boggs has two children. "They are four and seven so they don't really put things in their mouths that much, but I have also warned them especially now not to put the toys in your room in your mouth," she said. "Its dangerous, its not safe, don't do it."

Hundreds of toys have been recalled this year, almost all of them made in China.

It's hard to find a toy that isn't, but there are a few. Lego's are made in Denmark, Playmobils are made in Malta, Kapla wooden building blocks come from Morocco. Some Barbie's are made in Indonesia, but most Barbie's are made in China.

It's even harder to find toys made in the USA.

"If I were a marketer I would do that, I would have a section that said all the toys in this section are made in America," said Boggs. "I think consumers would pay more for that."

Store managers say they can't control where the toys they sell are made, but when they learn about a recall or safety problem they take action immediately to keep these dangerous toys out of the hands of children.

If you have any of these Aqua Dots in your home, throw them away or send them back to the manufacturer. For more information go to the Aqua Dots website at,

Reported by: Michelle Paynter,