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I'll Have the Big Toe Please - Billy Manucy

I have a big house on Tybee and can literally serve 40+ for a sit down dinner.  Thanksgiving is my day in the family to entertain. I have my entire family and their families and it is the most special day of our year. Everyone brings a delicious dish and there is a banquet aplenty. We play yard games, walk on the beach, talk on the porch, watch football, change diapers and all the family things.  

One Thanksgiving I had to change my youngest great-nieces diapers. I got her all nice and neat and thought I had to powder her so I grabbed what I thought to be powder. Later on, her Mother asked her husband where the baby's formula was, she couldn't find it. I knew immediately that I was at fault. I admitted it and it has been a laugh every Thanksgiving. 

Just when I thought that one could not be topped, I did something else. Two years ago, I was carving the turkey. I had an audience and was performing my expert slicing of the bird.  My hands were very greasy and the old electric knife slipped out of my hand.  It dropped on my foot and cut 3 of my toes! I wrapped the foot up and continued the dinner. It wouldn't stop bleeding and I had to go to the emergency room. 

The injuries were minor but brought a laugh to the ER Doctors, who all stopped by to see the first Turkey related accident.  My doctor, however, was the happiest because he won the pool for getting the first! When I serve turkey I usually ask white or dark meat. The next year the answers were, "I'll have the Big Toe please."

~Billy Manucy



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