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Baskets of Love - Vicki Randall

To start this story off I must tell you that my Dad was a minister in a little town in Florida. When he was 42 he had a really bad heart attack and had to give up preaching. My paternal grandmother was living with us and had just gotten out of the hospital with a heart attack also. This meant my Mother would be unable to try and work outside the home, and our family finances were shaping up to be on the slim side.

Thanksgiving was upon us, and Mom and Dad were really concerned about where our holiday turkey was going to come from. For that matter, food had become a thing of great value to us because we had so little. As kids we hadn't given it much thought because we knew our parents would take care of whatever we needed. We also had much faith in the Lord to know we would never go lacking in anything.

Mother and Daddy told us the night before our Thanksgiving day that we were mainly going to enjoy each other and just praise the Lord for all He had blessed us with. That night we all went to bed and time mine and my brother's heads hit the pillows we were fast asleep.

Later I find out the same wasn't true of my parents. As they laid in bed talking, they heard noises on our front porch. They got up to see what it was, and much to their excitement, it was a group of the church people with baskets full of food!

From that day on I really understood what Thanksgiving was all about. Love, caring, and just being there for someone else. I pray that you all will know that meaning of Thanksgiving and feel the love of others around you.

~Vicki Randall, Bluffton

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