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The Story Behind The Story: The Salvia Effect

Every once and a while, a story generates a lot of feedback.

Sometimes, it's phone calls immediately after the story airs.

Other instances, it's a large amount of e-mail.

Then, there is the buzz on the street.

No pun intended, but my special assignment on salvia generated quite a few questions while I have been out and about, whether working or just out and about.

Read or watch it now: Special Assignment: Salvia Use Growing in Georgia.

There have been folks who told me they actually tried salvia, and described their experience.

Others wondered why we even reported on the story if salvia wasn't a problem in Savannah.

Sonny Dixon asked me the same question at the end of my story.

The answer is simple. While parents may not know about salvia, and no one is reporting use of the plant which, when smoked, is compared to LSD, your kids probably do know about it.

If you search Youtube and type in salvia, two things struck me.

One, a whole lot of people like to videotape themselves acting like fools.

Two, majority of those people are kids.

Do their parents know what they are doing? I am guessing, probably not.

As a news reporter, I am supposed to inform and educate.

Now, anyone who watched the story knows what it is, where it can be found, and what is going on in other communities across the country.

To simply say, "It's not happening here," to me, seems irresponsible and unrealistic.

Obviously, from the reaction I have received, people do know about and are abusing it.

Now, parents know about it too, and can have a better handle on what kinds of stuff their kids may be getting into, and then, posting that stuff on the internet.

And, for the record, no.

I have not tried Salvia.

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