A Rivalry Unlike Any Other

Hilton Head Christian
Hilton Head Christian
Hilton Head Prep
Hilton Head Prep

HILTON HEAD -- There's cross town rivals...inter city tangles....but for Hilton Head Christian and Hilton Head Prep, the rivalry takes on a different twist...

"A lot of the people go to the same church," Says Hilton Head Prep Head Coach Ron Peduzzi, "they grew up playing on same little league team, same soccer team. They interact with each other in the community, people live next to each other."

"You've got two good football teams in a small town, which may make it different because everyone knows everyone, I'm friends with some kids from Christian Academy, we know each other so that makes it different." adds running back and defensive back, Dylan Rosser.

To add a little fuel to the fire, Prep won the 2-A title in '05, Christian in '06.

Peduzzi says, "We play each other in regular season, it's a big game an emotional game, so it will be double, triple that much Friday night."

The Dolphins won the first meeting between the two 27-19 but this go round, the stakes raised exponentially.

"There's always bragging rights no matter what, we beat them earlier, they'll bring their best at us Friday night." Peduzzi says.

"We're playing our arch rivals which makes it even bigger," Rosser adds, "and if we win it makes it sweeter, got to come play well, it's the island champ and state champ at same time."

And only one can stake claim to it.

Reported by: Melissa Maikos, mmaikos@wtoc.com