"Sweeps" Comes to an End, Business as Usual in the Newsroom

Today is the last day of the November ratings period, or book. You may have heard it referenced as sweeps. November is one of four months every year that Nielsen measures television viewership across the country.
The end of sweeps is actually a bigger deal for you than it is for us.  Most of your favorite network prime-time shows will now go into reruns. Of course this year, the reruns will last longer than usual due to the Writers Guild of America strike.
For us in the WTOC news department, the end of sweeps has little impact. We don't have the luxury of airing reruns.  We'll produce six hours of live news today and six hours of live news tomorrow and the next day and so on.
Sure, we do a few more special assignments during sweeps, but not like the days of old when stations would try to "scare" viewers into watching them. Tainted tea, dirty hotel rooms and bacteria-riddled dish rags once ruled the day during sweeps.
Watch us or die was the mantra. But that doesn't work any more. People who watch local news are watching because they want to see, well, local news. Chances are if you are watching WTOC today--the last day of the ratings period--you'll be watching WTOC tomorrow when we're not in the book, provided we give you what you're watching us for.
Since November of 1980, WTOC has been the number one rated local news in Savannah. Not because of what we do four months out of the year, but because of what we've been doing every day for the past 27 years: presenting the news you want to see, delivered by people you want to see. There's no one story or series of stories that can replace that philosophy.
The standard of excellence established by WTOC began with Doug Weathers and carries on to this day by the likes of Pat Prokop, Mike Manhatton, Dawn Baker, Sonny Dixon, Jody Chapin and every other person in this station.
Providing our viewers with the best newscasts in this area is a mission we take very seriously. Your feedback on how we're doing, be it from your emails or phone calls, is also something we take seriously.

We appreciate and welcome the communication we get from you, because we are here to serve your needs. As always, feel free to contact me at lsilbermann@wtoc.com.

I thank you for watching WTOC all the time, and not just four months a year.