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Bells for Trees Ceremony at Warriors Walk

HINESVILLE, GA--It was an emotional day on Fort Stewart, family and friends of soldiers who paid the ultimate sacrifice, honored their loved one's with a bells for trees ceremony along Warrior's Walk. For families who live too far away, volunteers made sure the wind passed through a bell for each 3rd ID soldier no longer with us.

It's a walk, most would say is too long.

"I'm blessed to live across from Warrior's Walk. I'm blessed to be a guardian of the walk," said support member Kathleen Thornton.

Kathleen Thornton's husband is a member of 3rd ID. She is very familiar with Warrior's Walk.

"I come by every night, water the trees and check on David's tree," said Thornton.

David is a soldier whose wife lives across the country. Kathleen and other members of support 3rd ID dot com hung bells on each tree along the walk in a special ceremony this morning.

"We want the family members of U.S. soldiers and the U.S. to know this is an active memorial.

"It's an honor to do remember our soldiers," said support member Tara Pivotto.

Tara Pivotto is a military wife as well.and she was joined by Kathleen and other wives. They hung the camel bells attached to satin cords on the trees as a tribute and in memory of fallen soldiers.

"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets it's wings and it's important for us to do this," said Pivotto.

Each bell represents a father, mother, son or daughter, or other family members lost defending our country. Kathleen says the bells may not last forever.but their memory will.

"They made a sacrifice and when the wind touches these bells it would be as if someone was here.touching the soldier," said Thornton.

The military wives are members of support 3rd, which is a forum created to help support spouses and other family members. The bells were bought through donations to the website.



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