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Top Teen--Ellison Helmly

Ellison Helmly is a WTOC Top Teen. Ellison Helmly is a WTOC Top Teen.

SAVANNAH, GA--School work after school activities is still not enough for one teen. Ellison Helmly is taking on a huge responsibility called bibles for Baghdad.

Ellison Helmly is only 13-years-old, but at Savannah Christian Middle School she's quite a star.

"She is always eager to learn, this is only her second year at Savannah Christian, but she has stepped right in and really moved to the top," said Helmly's teacher Jane Rollins.

She's is a soccer player, top student and a leader "She steps up and takes over and does what we ask," said Rollins.

Ellison says academics are very important to her, but she has a little extra motivation to make sure she's on the honor roll.

"I have to keep my grades up otherwise soccer gets taken away from me," said Ellison. And she doesn't just work hard in the classroom, she stays very busy after school.

She is one of the students at Savannah Christian that spent several weeks putting together care packages for troops in Iraq.

"We get a bible and put a message in it and in a shoe box," said Ellison. "It gives the soldiers some stuff it just shows we are supporting them."

That support and dedication to being a leader at Savannah Christian is why Ellison Helmly is a WTOC Top Teen.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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