Island Life Online

Golf's the game in the Low Country this week. The Harbour Town links are crowded with players and fans and fun. But what if you can't make it to Hilton Head for the annual World Com Classic?

Let's start with a picture postcard view. The Harbour Town light and a couple of web cams. The shot looks different depending on the time of the day, sometimes sunlight washes it out, but it's still a great angle. They update it every two minutes; offer an archive of favorite shots. My favorite is a curious bird hamming it up on camera, and an explanation of how they do it and where the camera actually is. Plus, of course, links to other web sites around the harbour.

While we're talking about the Harbour Town light, how about a little history? It's not exactly something Captain William Hilton left behind. It's a relatively new addition to the island… about the time all the development started. To learn more, click your way to a lighthouse fan page.

Most of us walk the course, and wonder what life is like for the folks who can actually afford to stay right there on the links. Sea Pines Virtual Tours is your chance to peek into the world of the rich and famous. They've got the usual public places most anyone can see… but also a list of more private spots you might otherwise never see. Even a way to peek over the garden wall and get a look at the pool.

For a more touristy look around, I found Virtual Tourist, and a homemade site with a slide show on Hilton Head, plus a couple of side trips to Savannah and Charleston, all without the golf or the crowds, or the traffic.