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Suspects Flee After Crashing Stolen Car

SAVANNAH, GA--One suspect is in the hospital and three are still on the run after police say they stole the car from a woman's driveway on McKenzie Street yesterday and crashed it on the Truman Parkway between DeRenne and Eisenhower this morning.

Around 10:30am, parts of Truman Parkway were shut down after 2006 Chevy Malibu crashed.

"The vehicle struck a guardrail and overturned in the median on the highway," said SCMPD Sgt. Mike Wilson.

Police say the car was flying down the parkway when the driver spotted police. "The driver of that vehicle thought the officer was going to pursue him and the officer did not," said Sgt. Wilson.

The car wrecked and three of the four people inside took off running. But 18-year-old John Smalls was trapped in the car. "The three individuals fled to Skidaway Road or in that direction so we had officers out in that area," said Sgt. Wilson.

Police say the suspects ran because they had stolen the car.

The owner of the Chevy Malibu didn't want to do an interview, but says yesterday morning she came outside to look for her daughter's shoe. She found it inside of her car and went back inside for literally five minutes to put the shoe on her daughter. By the time she came back outside her car was gone.

"Typically this time of year we see an increase in auto thefts, usually when we have this cold spells people go out and start their cars to warm the car up. Not a good idea. Now you're providing a car thief with the chance to just jump in your car and drive away," said Sgt Wilson.

Just what happened in this case. "This is an unfortunate event because someone had their car stolen but it could be prevented," said Sgt. Wilson.

Emergency crews took Smalls to the hospital with minor injuries and he could be facing charges. Police are still searching for the other three.

Reported by: David Hall,

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