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Top Teens--Johnson High School Students

These Johnson High School students are now WTOC Top Teens. These Johnson High School students are now WTOC Top Teens.

SAVANNAH, GA--Some Johnson High School students are going above and beyond this holiday season to help out a fellow graduate during some tough times.

This morning Johnson High School students gathered in the media center to hand over hundreds of dollars to Tamara Mobley's family. Tamara is a 1993 graduate of Johnson High School and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She had surgery last month and is currently undergoing treatment. Treatment that is very difficult and very costly and can be tough on any family during the holidays.

Once the students at Johnson High School found out about Tamara's condition, they wanted to help and set a goal of two weeks and in that time raised $550. 

Students like Candice Pierce and Sierra Palmer helped spearhead the project and other students helped contribute.

"I've been through it and had family go though cancer and lost family to cancer and I understand the difficulties of it, and just how hard it can be on a family," said Pierce.

"I felt it was our duty and the right thing to do but really everyone goes through it and everyone should do this because you would want someone to do the same for you," said Palmer.

Students hope the money they raised will help make the holiday season a little easier for Tamara and her family.

"She is simply overwhelmed but then again she said that's not a surprise because that's my school," said Tamara's aunt Shirley Quarterman.

Quarterman says Tamara wishes she could have made it out today, but because of the treatment she is very tired. Her family says she'll never forget the generous gift from these Johnson high students.

"As soon as she is well enough this is gonna be her first stop to come here and thank the school for loving her," said Quarterman.

That love and compassion for one of their own is the reason these Johnson High School students are now WTOC Top Teens.

There is an account set up at Suntrust Bank to help Tamara with her medical expenses if you would like to contribute you can go any Suntrust Bank and make a contribution in Tamara Mobley's name.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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