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Teen Brutally Attacks Senior Citizen

The broken window at Nunnally's apartment in Presidential Plaza. The broken window at Nunnally's apartment in Presidential Plaza.

UPDATE: WTOC has learned that the suspect was incorrectly identified. She's believed to be a juvenile and was transferred out of the Chatham County jail the evening of December 25. The Savannah Regional Youth Detention Center, by policy, does not release information regarding juvenile detainees.

SAVANNAH, GA--John Nunnally is recovering today. Police say 17-year-old Veronica Mitchell attacked Nunnally in his own home, severely beating him and then robbing him.

If it wasn't for some of his neighbors, things might have been worse.

For almost 30 years, one Savannah woman has enjoyed living in the Presidential Plaza apartments.

"I've been here all this time so I consider it my home," said the woman, who asked us not to identify her.

What happened to her neighbor, John Nunnally, over the weekend really shook her up. Sunday afternoon she just happened to pass by her window and saw that Nunnally was coming to the apartment with packages in his hand. He was approached by somebody in a truck and Nunnally's neighbor didn't think anything of it until she heard something moments later.

"And then I heard, what I heard was glass breaking," she said. "And I heard him calling my name and calling for police."

Police say Mitchell had asked the 84-year-old Nunnally to use his house phone. Once he let her in, Mitchell attacked him. A few moments later, Nunnally's neighbor heard Nunnally being beaten and she acted.

"So I picked up the phone and dialed 911," she told us.

Police showed up and couldn't get through the front door because it was locked. Then she heard another sound.

"I heard the glass breaking and I knew she was going out the back," said the neighbor.

So she told police to head around the back to where Mitchell was trying to escape. Police spotted Mitchell but she took off, leading them on a lengthy foot chase. She soon tired out and officers arrested her.

"It's awful, it's awful, it's awful," the neighbor said. "I just got sick like I wanted to throw up because I heard the pain in his voice."

If it wasn't for Nunnally's neighbor's quick response, he may not be recovering tonight.

Nunnally is in fair condition at Memorial Health. Police found his ID and credit cards on Mitchell. She will be charged with aggravated assault, financial transaction card theft and felony obstruction for fleeing.

Reported by:  David Hall, dhall@wtoc.com

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