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WTOC Top Teens--Sarah and Katie Olson

Katie (foreground) and Sarah Olson. Katie (foreground) and Sarah Olson.

SAVANNAH, GA--Schools are right in the middle of winter break. But that doesn't mean much to Katie and Sarah Olson. They spend most of their time helping others.

If the American Red Cross is called to out to a fire, there's a good chance you'll see either Katie and Sarah there lending a helping hand.

"We've always worked on fires and search and rescue and do whatever they need us to do," said Katie.

When they aren't at a fire scene helping fire victims, they are getting ready, loading the Red Cross truck with supplies.

"Summertime always, go out and come home from break and go out," said Sarah. "They can call us and we will always show up no matter what."

Not because they have too, but because they want too.

"You just tell them the Red Cross is going to make everything okay," Katie told us. "And that the Red Cross is here to provide you with food, shelter, and clothing, because most of the time they lose everything and you just try and make them feel better."

That attitude is the reason John Wright nominated the two sisters.

"They just seem to be an example of what we think teens should be all about, serving the community," said Wright.

And no matter where they go, the sisters say they will always volunteer for American Red Cross.

"It's good to help people," said Katie.

Which is why both Katie and Sarah Olson are now WTOC Top Teens.

"We have never been nominated for this before and it really puts a smile on your face," said Sarah.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com

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