Top Teen--Courtney Ward

Courtney Ward a WTOC Top Teen.
Courtney Ward a WTOC Top Teen.

CHATHAM COUNTY, GA--For about a year, if someone was looking for 13-year-old Courtney Ward they could usually find her at the Chatham County Humane Society.

"I have always loved working with animals and this is the place to go," said Courtney. She spends all her free time making sure animals that are up for adoption find a good home.

"The first time I started volunteering here I said I want this one, I want this one, this one and it was overwhelming but now I just try to find them a home," she said.

And finding them a good home is the best feeling. "It's wonderful thing, yes my face lights up," Courtney said.

Executive director of the Humane Society Lynn Gensamer says they rely on volunteers like Courtney to walk the animals and spend quality time with them. "Here's an example of there are good kids out there taking their energy and putting it into valuable things for us and for the animals," she told us.

And Lynn says they can always count on Courtney to help out. "Courtney is very faithful and important volunteer here at the Humane Society," said Lynn.

"The animals make me keep coming back, it's little guys like them," said Courtney.

It's her love for these animals that makes Courtney Ward a WTOC Top Teen.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,