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Hershey's Considering Change to Controversial Candy Packaging

Police say the packaging of Hershey's Icebreakers Mint Pacs is very similar to how some illegal drugs are sold. Police say the packaging of Hershey's Icebreakers Mint Pacs is very similar to how some illegal drugs are sold.

SAVANNAH, GA--Hershey's candy is under fire. Experts claim their new breath mints look like street drugs. See Police Say New Hershey's Candy Looks Too Much Like Drugs.

Tonight, Hershey's may be having second thoughts about their latest product.

They're called Icebreakers Mint Pacs. Police say the packaging is very similar to how some illegal drugs are sold. At first Hershey's says the Icebreakers logo on the back was enough to distinguish the candy from narcotics. While they have had a change of heart, we hit the streets to find out what first impression the candy had on you.

"It looks like a bag of drugs," Consuelo Brown of Savannah told WTOC.

"It don't look like a breath mint," Steven Keyes of Savannah said. "It looks like dope to me."

"I'd hate to find it in my son's pocket and find out the hard way what it is," Shawn Keyes of Savannah said.

"It could pass as street drugs actually," Monty Dunkley from Jamaica said.

"The kids probably know what street drugs look like, but I don't," Dee Villa of Savannah said.

"That imitates cocaine or crystal meth, it's too powdery," Consuelo said.

"It comes too close to looking like powdered cocaine," Captain Paul McBurney of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department Counter Narcotics Team told WTOC.

The public has spoken and so has law enforcement. Last week, McBurney criticized Hershey's and their new Icebreaker Mint Pacs, joining officers from Boston, Philadelphia and other cities all over the country.

Hershey's tells WTOC the product was never intended to cause confusion, but McBurney says it's not too late to change the product. "I think it promotes the wrong image," he said. "It's too much a look alike to make me comfortable."

"I see wrong doers taking advantage of this for their own purposes," Monty said.

Hershey's has received complaints from police, customers and retailers with similar concerns. Consuelo says she knows what she would do if she saw her sons with the new Icebreakers Mint Pacs.

"At first I'd snatch it out of their hands because it looks like a bag of powder," she said.

Consuelo won't be buying them anytime soon, unless the changes are made. "I will not let my kids eat it," she said. "It looks like drugs. It can be mistaken."

After the backlash, Hershey's has changed their stance on the Icebreaker Mint Pacs, which they originally were standing behind. Today, spokeperson Jody Cook told us they are evaluating changes to the design and packaging and they are listening to their customers' feedback.

Cook says Hershey's is exploring alternatives to preserve what she calls the "unique and innovative" appearance of the Icebreaker Mint Pac product. They are trying to make the changes as quickly as possible.

The product hit stores two months ago.

Reported by: Don Logana, dlogana@wtoc.com

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