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Family Finds Disturbing Images On New Computer

SAVANNAH, GA--Most people are excited to get a computer for Christmas, but one Savannah family is more than a little upset by what they found on theirs.

They bought it at an Atlanta Staples Store and are still shocked by what they discovered when they started it up.

One 11 year old thought he was getting a great Christmas present.

"Oh it's a big deal he got everything he wants, he was happy and he got everything he wanted," said Joseph Wright.

Joseph and Veronica Wright were up in Atlanta during the Thanksgiving holiday and did a little holiday shopping for their son. They brought home a brand new Hewlett Packard Laptop Computer.

"He wanted one for school, he needed it for school purposes. "This way he can have it to move around with it and even in the car he has stuff he needs to do," said Veronica Wright.

Christmas came and Joseph opened up his many gifts, including the new laptop.

"I was happy but didn't have internet on Christmas day so I just got on the games," said Joseph Wright IIII.

After the internet was hooked up, Veronica says she discovered several sites with inappropriate images.

"I seen it there and didn't know what it was so I went in the back because it was dark and I looked again. "I'm thinking it was a prank, I didn't know what my real thought was because I don't know how it got there," said Wright.

Neither does her son who was upset that their new computer couldn't be used.

"Sad because I didn't get a chance to mess with my computer," said Wright.

Now that the Wrights found the graphic images on their new laptop there's only one thing left for them to do.

"I'm going to take it back to the store," said Wright.

Veronica Wright says she has the receipt and all the original packaging to bring the computer back. Though they bought the laptop at an Atlanta Staples store. A manager at the store in Savannah has apologized for the mishap and says they'll help the Wright family straighten out the mess.

Reported by: David Hall,



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