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The Story Behind the Story: For The Bible Tells Don So

Sunday night, I saw a movie which was not only powerful, but fascinating.

At first, I didn't plan on going to see "For the Bible Tells Me So."

I was raised Catholic, go to church with my family when I am home for the holidays, but don't really consider myself religious.

Part of my problem with organized religion, much the same way as I feel with politics, has always been my personal choice to keep an open mind and not let others tell me how to think.

When I sat down to watch the movie, which was in an overflow theater at the Victory Stadium Theater on Victory Drive, I had an idea of what I was about to watch, but was very cautious as to what I was about to invest two hours of time in on a Sunday night.

The film opened with a news clip of anti-gay activist Anita Bryant holding a press conference condemning homosexuals and begging God to forgive them.

All of a sudden, someone throws a pie in her face.

Her first gut reaction and comment was, "At least it was a fruit pie."

Clever, but deeply homophobic. Almost immediately, she seems to catch herself, begin sobbing, and praying to God to forgive him and his deviant lifestyle.

What follows is a series of clips of anti-gay protesters, evangelists and "experts" like Jimmy Swaggert, Jerry Falwell, Dr. James Dobson and others, preaching about the immorality of homosexuality, based on their interpretation of the Bible.

What caught me off guard, was the movie didn't spend time attacking any of these men, but offered insight from about 50 other religious types, like Nobel Peace Prize winner Desmond Tutu, explaining what the Bible really says.

I'll be honest, I can tell you I never read the Bible. Everything I know about the Bible is what I have been told by others.

The message of the film makes sense, and it is what I have adopted over my life as a reporter and as a human being, about not listening to what one person says about another, or believing everything you are told, but finding out for yourself.

We are not always right, but if you take the time to invest in learning, then what you conclude, if it feels right for you, should be what you believe.

My favorite line from the movie is from one of the priests interviewed. He says, "It's okay to have a 5th grade understanding of the Bible, as long as you are in the 5th grade."

My other favorite line: "If you tell a lie enough times, eventually, the whole world will believe it."

It should be our duty in life to always search out the truth.

As a person very close to me used to say, "The truth shall set you free."

I'm not changing, but I think I may pick up a Bible one of these days and give it a whirl.

I may learn something.

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