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Top Teen--Allyson Faircloth

Allyson Faircloth is now a WTOC Top Teen. Allyson Faircloth is now a WTOC Top Teen.

SAVANNAH, GA-- Allyson Faircloth is a senior at Savannah Christian Preparatory School. She is a star both on the basketball court and in the classroom, history teacher Marshall Wood nominated Allyson.

"She is terrific one of our most outstanding students I have been her for seven years and I can't think of a more all around outstanding student," said Wood.

She is the captain of both the volleyball and basketball teams, but she also knows she has to make the honor roll.

"Very important if I didn't keep the grades up my parents wouldn't let me play," said Allyson.

Allyson says she plans to go to UGA, and one day hopes to teach high school math.

"I love working with kids and I want to be a coach so I want to get into that," said Allyson.

Allyson rarely gets a break, if she isn't doing homework she is at practice That's why she knows how important it is to use every minute wisely.

"I just prioritize my time cause if I know there's gonna be a big game I have to get ready and get my work done so if I have to got out of town I might not get home till 11 at night and I just have to make sure I get it all done," said Allyson.

Her ability to get it all done and continue to be at the top is the reason Allyson Faircloth is now a WTOC Top Teen.

"It's an honor," said Allyson.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,

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