Matt Anderson & Chris Borchardt

Did Your Hear the One About...?
Pitchers take great care of their arms.  They protect them at all costs... because... after all... the arm is how they make their living.  Not every pitcher thinks clearly... however.  Matt Anderson of the Detroit Tigers got caught up the Redwings fever during the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  A Detroit radio station had a promotion to give away tickets to a playoff game to the person who could throw an octopus the furthest.  Octopus throwing is a big tradition in Detroit... and Anderson decided to give it a go.  However... he tore a muscle in his shoulder and the Tigers had to place him on the disabled list.  Do you think his bosses with the Tigers were happy?
No More Off the Rack... 
In the NBA draft On June 26th, Stanford's 7-foot center Chris Borchardt was selected in the first round by the Orlando Magic, the 18th player chosen.  That's worth a guaranteed 3-year multi-million contract for the youngster.  He was asked what would be the first thing he'll do when he gets that first paycheck.  "The first thing I'm going to do is buy some clothes that fit. You know, you can't just walk in and get 38-38 pants off the rack.''


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