Sweet Search on the Web

Are your ready for a sweet weekend? The folks in Glennville are, and sweet onions are on the menu, the market, and everything else at the annual Sweet Onion Festival. There are a lot of onions out there, and they aren't all sweet. So that's where we start. Watch out for Walla Walla. They're on the 'web, but not on sale yet. Slackers.

Let's go get some real sweet onions. For that, we go to the source. The Sweet Onion Source that is. A web page devoted to all things onion. It does mention Walla Walla, but points out all the significant contributions our Georgia sweet onions made to onion history. It's a good read before you go to the festival, so you can sound like a grower. Very important section here. Recipies. The site is a sweet source in more ways than one. They've got you covered whether you're cooking a snack, a full meal, or even dessert. It also offers some good suggestions about smart sweet onion shopping, and how to store what you buy before you eat. Check out the tip on pantyhose. Sounds kinky, saves onions.

A familiar name in onions is on the web as well, with all sorts of things to offer. Bland Farms wants you to try their new baby, Spring Harvest Baby onions. Besides those, there are the tried and true onion combinations, a relish, to, well, relish on your favorite foods, some dip, and even a dish to cook up your onions. Of course they offer recipes, and an entire cookbook. By the way, Bland Farms offers a whole lot more to eat, since man can't live by onions alone, no matter how sweet.

Here's an onion fact Pat will love. Onions are actually related to the lily. It's all about the bulbs, bubba. I found that one, and some other neat ideas on Go South Produce. They talk about tears why you won't cry over sweet onions, and how to handle those others if you have to.