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The Story Behind the Story: Karma Bites the Clumsy Reporter

There are certain things, as a reporter, which annoy me.

Dealing with out-of-town companies, versus the local affiliate, is one of them.

I hesitated before sharing this story with you, but after careful thought and consideration, I figured maybe, just maybe, you would get a kick out this sordid tale.

A few weeks ago, I was reporting on a story about text message spam. I had never received spam on my cell phone, but many of my coworkers had.

I called a cell phone provider here in Savannah to see if someone would talk on camera. In the past, they have been very helpful.

This was a new day.

At first, they agreed, and told me a manager would be in around 2pm.

My photojournalist and I went to the store to do the interview. However, the woman we were supposed to talk to was not sure if she could do the interview after all. She went behind closed doors to talk to corporate.

This was not a good sign. Never is.

After a few times of coming out to tell us to hold on, they are still checking, she came back out for good.

Forty-five minutes later.

She informed me she could not do the interview, but, someone else could.

In Atlanta.

She passed me a phone number, and I was furious. I asked her to reconsider, but she wouldn't budge. I said, "Fine," grabbed the paper with the number on it, and stormed off.

Into the window.

I thought it was the door, and hit my head on the window, throwing a mild temper tantrum.

Completely embarrassed and determined to prove a point, I continued to push on the glass, as if it was the door.

The actual door was about ten feet away.

Now, the entire store is staring at me, some giggling. I spot the door, and take off, grumbling and annoyed.

My photographer comes out, and I start to complain to him.

He is just staring at me.

We both burst out laughing at the absurdity of what just happened, and what a klutz I am.

Lesson learned: Don't throw tantrums, karma will get you.

I blame the cell phone company. Corporate interviews over the phone cause impaired vision for high-strung reporters.

If everyone would just give us reporters the interviews we want, a lot fewer reporters would walk into windows.

Case closed.

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