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The Story Behind the Story: Super Tuesday, History In The Making?

The Democratic party has history knocking at its door.

I, personally, am pretty down the middle politically. As a reporter, I feel I need to remain neutral.

But, it's hard not to get involved on some level in what is taking place in the Democratic primaries.

Republican, Independent, Democrat, Libertarian, whatever your party affiliation, the race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton is compelling on a number of levels.

Tuesday, voters in Georgia will help make history. Sure, the race could come down to the Democratic Convention, but Super Tuesday will most likely be a true turning point.

A white female. A black/Muslim male. A former first lady. A future first husband/past president?

It's hard for me to get too involved in the Republican race, especially since Rudy Guiliani became a non-factor. He was the only candidate I had met and interviewed on the GOP side.

However, I have interviewed Hillary Clinton many times while I worked in New York State, while she was running for Senate and after she won.

Recently, I met Barack Obama for the first time, in Beaufort, and had the chance to watch him up close and personal, and then again, in front of hundreds at his victory party in Columbia, South Carolina.

Two very different candidates. Two pretty similar platforms for the most part. One ugly race.

The two campaigns have been nasty at times, at first starting the race with a civil tone, and slowly degenerating into a game of political dodge ball, with barbs, digs and bad blood.

It will be fun to see what happens next. Back in 1999, Clinton was a very accommodating candidate for the media. I haven't covered her as a presidential candidate.

Obama, on the other hand, while making himself available to the local media in Beaufort, has been a mystery. His campaign only allowed one question per reporter, and no follow-up questions were allowed.

In Columbia, he did not talk to the media.

But, his victory speech brought down the house and he had the audience eating out of his hands.

It is difficult not to pay attention when he speaks. But, is he ready to lead our nation? Is he experienced enough to be commander-in-chief?

Clinton is not Obama when it comes to giving a speech. But, she has experience. Is America ready for another Clinton in the White House? Is she a divisive, polarizing figure that so many pundits and politicians have described her to be?

The sub-plots are better than "Desperate Housewives."

Tuesday, voters will pick which story they continue to follow.

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