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120 Sugar Refinery Employees Back to Work

Today, 120 employees were back at work the Imperial Sugar Refinery. Today, 120 employees were back at work the Imperial Sugar Refinery.

PORT WENTWORTH, GA (WTOC) - We first told you on Monday that 50 employees at the Imperial Sugar Refinery were back at work (see Some Imperial Sugar Employees Return to Work). Today, 120 employees came in, loading up sugar on delivery trucks so they can be shipped out.

WTOC was able to get back on Imperial Sugar property this afternoon as employees were walking around doing whatever they could to help out. Over 100 trucks full of sugar were coming in and out of the plant all day. Those trucks will deliver sugar to stores in the southeast region that carry Dixie Crystals brand.

CEO John Sheptor says that for the next couple of weeks, they will continue calling more employees in. Sheptor also told us that several of the employees are helping the Chemical Safety board with the civil investigation.

There are about 100 contractors that work at the refinery. Sheptor says after meeting with his board of directors, they decided to help out.

"We have decided to provide an initiative to employers who are willing to take these people into their payrolls during this time," said Sheptor. "Imperial Sugar will help fund for the first month with the new employer, so we don't have those people in our community displaced from their jobs."

Sheptor is planning a trip to Augusta to visit with burn victims and will be meeting with the Governor tomorrow to talk about two different topics.

"The emergency services have used a tremendous amount of resources to address this event, they have limited budges and we don't want to see them struggle throughout the rest of year," said Sheptor. "And I will make a request to help with replenishments of their budgets. All the small business will be significantly impacted while the plant is not operational. We have asked for economic support for the small businesses."

Sheptor also says that it could take between two and four weeks before the Chemical Safety Board has completed its investigation.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley, bkelley@wtoc.com

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