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Superintendent Thomas Lockamy on School Discipline

Dr. Thomas Lockamy's remarks on February 28, 2008, from Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools:

I want to thank Dr. Buck and the entire School Board, as well as our friends from the business community, elected officials and parents for their support as we work to reinforce discipline in our schools.

Our schools will be a safe environment for all real students. Period.

If a student is involved in fighting, bullying, gang activity, or drug activity then they are not welcome in our schools.  They will be eliminated from our schools.  They will be expelled.

If the activity is criminal we will advocate for the harshest prosecution possible under the law.    

Expulsion means your right to attend public school has been revoked.  That expelled student will not attend an alternative school either! Attending school is a privilege.  Use it wisely.  Protect your privilege.

The few will not ruin the educational experience for the many.  All real students want to learn and learn at high levels. 

You (the community as a whole) hold me accountable for safe schools, as you should.  Today, I am adding everyone to the same level of accountability.  ALL MEANS ALL. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, everyone is responsible for maintaining a positive school environment.

To our teachers:

You are doing a great work.  You are to be strongly commended. You have every right to expect your students to come to school prepared to learn.  We fully support you, our teachers and our administrators as you work the front lines in our schools.  Administrative discipline will receive my full support and our school board has made it clear that they support these efforts.     

To our parents:

We are educators, not parents.  We are not substitute parents.  We are responsible for educating our students.  Parents and students alike who choose not to be a positive element in the educational experience are not welcome in our schools.  All students who come to school ready to learn and learn at high levels are welcome.  Our promise to you is your students will receive the highest level of instruction possible.

To our community:

Don't let the recent violence deter you from your continued support of our schools.  Violence will not be tolerated in our schools.  Our pledge is to provide the best schools humanly possible.  We will spare no expense in creating, maintaining and enforcing discipline in our schools.   

The recent disruptions do not invalidate the progress we have made in changing the climate in our community and schools.  We will continue to make progress with every real student.  We will not be distracted from our mission of igniting a passion of learning and teaching at high levels.

ALL MEANS ALL - This is an invitation to be a positive part of the educational experience.  If you choose not to accept this invitation, you are not welcome in our schools.

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