What's Next for Baby Aiden and His Baby Brother?

Renee Crawford is the director of CASA.
Renee Crawford is the director of CASA.
Tina Richards in court last week, from WTOC file video.
Tina Richards in court last week, from WTOC file video.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Many people throughout the Coastal Empire and across the country have been touched by the story of Baby Aiden. The 11-month-old was abused by his mother, Tina Richards.

As WTOC first reported Monday, Richards just gave birth to another baby boy (see Baby Aiden's Mother Gives Birth to Another Son). Richards is serving time in an Atlanta prison.

The question many people have now is what will happen to the two baby boys? Renee Crawford is the director of CASA, she's a court appointed special advocate and deals directly with children like Aiden and the Department of Family and Children Services.

While Crawford could not comment on Aiden and his brother's case specifically, she did provide some insight in to what will likely happen to them. "As an advocate, we advocate for the children to be placed together if possible," Crawford said. "And that is the focus of the Department of Family and Children Services. They want siblings to be together if possible."

The brothers could go into a foster home or be turned over to a relative. It's a matter of what's best for the child.

"Although we want it to happen instantly, you want to make sure that that's a good home for the child," said Crawford. "There are certain checks that need to be made to make sure they verify it is a good home, whether it's a relative or someone who is interested in adopting. It's going to take time to make sure these are appropriate placements."

A custody hearing is scheduled on Monday for Aiden at the Effingham County Courthouse. Right now, according to investigators, Aiden is still in the hospital at Memorial University Medical Center recovering from head injuries. His brother who was born on Monday, is in a hospital in Atlanta. They are both currently wards of the state.

Crawford says even if it turns out Aiden and his baby brother don't need someone to adopt them, many other children do and there's always a need for foster parents. "You can make a difference, you can make a broad difference in the lives of many children," said Crawford.

Abused children, just like Aiden.

The mother of the boys, Tina Richards is serving a 21 year sentence for abusing Aiden back in July. Deputies said she abused him again in January. She is still awaiting a trial on charges from that incident.

Reported by: Michelle Paynter, mpaynter@wtoc.com