Michael Jordan & Billy Packer

Relatives Come and Relatives Go!

This NBA basketball season saw the return of the great Michael Jordan. His stay with the Washington Wizards had a lot of positive points, but late in the season a knee injury forced him to the sidelines where retirement once again beckons. With Jordan in the lineup, arenas were sold out. As teammate Popeye Jones noticed, it was a different story with Jordan sidelined, "I found out I had fewer relatives on the road.

"Telling It Like It Is!

The NCAA men's championship game between Maryland and Indiana wasn't one of the best played games in championship history. Each team committed 16 turnovers in the game as the Terrapins defeated the Hoosiers 64-52. During the game, CBS analyst Billy Packer got his courage together and described the game truthfully as "One of the worst played games I've seen in a final."


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