Elizabeth Calvert's Law Firm Speaks Out About Her Disappearance

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) -  Elizabeth Calvert's office at Hunter Maclean in Savannah now sits empty. No one's seen or heard from her or her husband John Calvert for the past four days.

"Everyone is hoping and praying for a miraculously happy ending, but that would be a miracle," said John Tatum, a partner at Hunter Maclean.

Tatum worked with Elizabeth Calvert for the past few months, ever since she came on as a partner.

"Liz was very reliable," said Tatum. "She only started working for us October 1, a little over five months but she fit right in and was a great addition to our firm."

Elizabeth Calvert may have only been here for a few months, but has been in the legal profession for more than 20 years. Coworkers say her professionalism and knowledge is not something that can be replaced and her absence is definitely affecting the people who knew her best.  Tatum describes what the atmosphere at Hunter Maclean has been like these past few days. "Very somber, a lot of distraction just trying to figure out what happened," he said.

Tatum and others have spent the past four days going through every possible scenario but nothing seems to make sense.

She was at work Monday when she left and said her usual goodbyes but that was the last time she came to work.

Monday evening John and Elizabeth were both seen at a business meeting inside the Sea Pine Plantation community, but after that their phones were off and it doesn't appear they've returned to their boat where they live.

Their car was missing, but located Friday morning at the Palmetto Dunes area (see: Deputies Find Missing Car, No Sign of Missing Couple), but still no clues as to where either of them could be. "I think a happy ending at this point would be a miracle," said Tatum.

Reported by: Christy Hutchings, chutchings@wtoc.com