Savannah High Students Raise Money for Five Sugar Refinery Families

History teacher Elaine Grant and three other families were each presented with a $150 gas card.
History teacher Elaine Grant and three other families were each presented with a $150 gas card.

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - It's been almost two months since the sugar refinery explosion. Since then, we've shared stories of so many fundraisers for the families who've been directly impacted by this tragedy.

It shows how this community has really pulled together during a time of need. Today, students and staff at Savannah High School are pulling together to show their support for several of their own.

Elaine Grant is a history teacher at Savannah High School. She is taking one day at a time. This year has been extremely difficult for her. She's coping with the loss of her cousin, Earl Johnson.

"It's very hard," said Grant. "Really unbelievable to lose a cousin to a tragic situation as the explosion."

And she still is praying for two other family members who are recovering at the burn center in Augusta. This is the first time she's talked publicly about what happened that night in February. "It's been very devastating for the family," said Grant.

Grant says while it's been hard, it's comforting to see all the support from this community. Especially from her students, who presented her and three other families each with a $150 gas card to help pay for the many trips to and from Augusta.

"I am sure it will be put to good us," said Grant.

Students at Savannah high say they were happy to help out. So far they have collected $500 and counting. They say they will continue to collect money as long as the families need it.

Marquis Morgan is one of the many students who donated money. "We still have to remember," said Morgan. "Us taking a stand in this it's been a privileged and I can say that we have showed and prove that we are a good school."

Grant says she is grateful for all that the students and staff have done for her and the other families.

Michael Williams, who was a former basketball star at Savannah High, was killed in the explosion. Today, the students presented his family with portrait of him. Students and staff at Savannah High are continuing to collect money. If you would like donate, contact the school at 912.201.5050.

Reported by: Brooke Kelley,