Thunderbolt Police Chief Speaks About Former Officer's Arrest

Former Thunderbolt Police Officer Michael Parmelee is now behind bars. Until he was put on administrative leave about a month ago, Parmelee served as a patrol officer for the Thunderbolt Police Department.

In May The Georgia Bureau of Investigation informed Chief O'Dwyer that one of his officers was under investigation. "It's not good news. It's always a sad thing when you have an officer under investigation," said Chief O'Dwyer. Tuesday, Michael Parmelee resigned from the department. "He just sent a letter. I got the letter. He said he's resigning. That's basically it," said O'Dwyer.

Wednesday Parmelee was indicted by a Chatham County grand jury on three counts. One for sexual battery (inappropriately touching a man) while on duty with the Thunderbolt police department on April 1st. The second count was for violation of oath by a public officer (meaning he failed to honestly perform the duties of a police officer). A third count was filed for false imprisonment. The third count dates back to November of 1999.

Officer Parmelee was then a Garden City Police Officer.These papers reveal he was under an internal investigation for performing an illegal strip search. He resigned in early December. All of this came as a surprise to his most recent employer. "It was not given privy to me. They gave him a good recommendation," said O'Dwyer.

Chief O'Dwyer wants the community to know Parmelee's troubles don't reflect on the rest of the Thunderbolt Police Department. "I think we're a fine department. We do our job. If we have a problem, we handle it the best we can do," said O'Dwyer.