Rain Dampens Ground, But Not Spirits

"The rain's not gonna hurt you, it feels pretty good," said a tourist from Athens.  Another tourist said, "We don't need an umbrella, it's not that bad." Meanwhile, raindrops pelted down.
Everyone wasn't so brave though. Chris Barber, from Athens, didn't hesitate to walk right into stores selling umbrella's for 9 and 10 dollars. "We had one and left it at the hotel, so we've got to buy one."  They did get one and continue to sight see.
Some people didn't want to deal with an umbrella's hassle, so they just wore raincoat. "It's keeping me a little dry, you know, keeping the hair dry."
Even some local grocery stores are going with the flow.  Publix in the Twelve Oaks Plaza has wet umbrella bags for customers. Until lately, the stand was virtually untouched.  Ronda Gross, an Assistant Manager said, "We're using them now.  We're definitely using them now."
Despite the rain, customers and tourists continued to shop as if the rain wasn't a factor.
Rain-rain go away? That's not what we heard.