John Rocker & Lee Trevino

Simple logic!
Atlanta Braves first Baseman Julio Franco had struggled with the bat all season long.  He was inserted into a game on May 19th as manager Bobby Cox made a double switch in changing pitchers against the Colorado Rockies with the score tied 1-1.  A short time later when the Braves were hitting, Franco led off the inning with his first homer of the season... driving in his first run of the season.  "Why complicate a game that is so simple," said Franco.  "When it comes time to look fastball, look fastball and no further."

Stating the Obvious!
Former Braves reliever, John Rocker, has had a couple of good outings with his new team, the Texas Rangers.  But, he has also had a few appearances that have been less than effective.  Recently, Rangers owner Tom Hicks stated that, "We are all waiting for the real John Rocker to show up.  If he continues to stink it up, he won't be in that role any longer."  To which Rocker replied,  "That's obvious, I already knew that."

Understanding His Game!
Lee Trevino made a great living playing golf and entertaining his fans. He was very successful on both the PGA and Senior PGA tours. Now, at the age of 62, his game has abandoned him and he knows it, "If I grew tomatoes, they'd come up sliced."