Savannah Airport Security Update

After yesterday's shooting at the Los Angeles airport on one of the busiest traveling days of the year, we looked into whether there is any talk of changing airport security in our area.

From recorded safety reminders every 30 minutes at curbside check-in to those two familiar security questions at the counter, travelers are facing the usual safety measures.

Tourist Lisa Jeffrey commented on yesterday's events and her presence at the Savannah airport today, saying, "It didn't make you feel comfortable, but there's increased security and you got to go on with your life." The incident in LA poses a major question about security--like should people be checked before they even enter the airport doors? Savannah airport officials say it's just not possible. All airports, to some extent, are open to the public, and should security start checking everyone here, it might as well be a matter of checking all people in all public places.

Some agree with the airport, saying the security currently in place is enough. Further measures wouldn't work for Lisa Jeffery, who said, "Then you're going to have to do it everywhere. Could be malls, could be a water supply place."

Others feel there needs to be more. "I think everything should be X-rayed, checked over," said Lorraine Eatz of New York. "I think they should tighten it up a little more."

David Nielsen of Savannah agrees. "I think it definitely needs to be looked at a little more. Don't know if it should be federalized, but something needs to be done."

Dennis Drinnen, from Cincinnati, Ohio, feels more strongly, saying, "From when you pull in to where you exit, security all the way through."

Reported by: Elizabeth Trevino