New Invention May Protect Property from Lightning

When lightning strikes, it can be very dangerous for homes--and for electronic valuables inside the homes. One local man has come up with a unique invention that's designed to protect those high-priced electronics.

It's a device called the Storm Shelter. You can plug nine electronics into this device, and should your house be directly struck by lightning, you wouldn't have to worry because the device has already unplugged everything for you.

Here's how it works. A device is set up in neighborhoods that detects when lightning is in the area. Once lightning is detected, the device sends pages to the units in customers' homes, and unless customers cancel the action, the device disconnects and insulates the appliances automatically. This keeps them from getting struck and ruined by lightning, something that a surge protector can't always guarantee.

Storm Shelter president Dennis Page explains, "If you get a direct lightning strike to your house, it can get 6,000 volts through your receptacle. That's too much for a surge to handle. We can handle up to 40,000 volts. We can take anything lightning can throw at us."

Once it's on the market (in the fourth quarter of this year according to Page), you will be able to subscribe to the service, almost like you subscribe to cable.

For more information, visit Storm Shelter online at

Reported by: Elizabeth Trevino