Family Home Destroyed by Lightning

A burnt-out shell is all that's left of the Jenkins family home. Lightning struck a tree in their front yard and jumped over to the roof. Luckily, nobody was home at the time.

"It was hard to believe it was our house when we saw it," owner Karen Jenkins said.

A warped ceiling fan and charred ruins are all what's left of the life they spent years to build. This incident has been devastating for the Jenkins family. They've lost everything they've ever owned, and this is the only house their two sons have ever known.

This act of mother nature may have destroyed this family's home, but it didn't destroy this family's most prized possession. "We have our pictures, we have our family, we've got our lives," Jenkins noted. "We'll find another place to put our things and we'll make a home there."

The Jenkins family say they will rebuild--but they're not quite sure if it will be here.

Reported by: Nicole Teigen