New Study: Risks in Hormone Therapy

The National Institute of Health is halting a nationwide study of women using hormone replacement therapy.

Six million women use a combination of estrogen and progestin to relieve the symptoms of menopause, or because doctors think it will protect women from heart disease and brittle bones. But according to the NIH, the health risks outweigh the benefits. It says long-term use can increase risk of breast cancer, heart attack and stroke. On the extreme opposite end, the therapy is said to cut the risk of colon cancer and hip fractures. However, doctors say there are other "nonthreatening" ways to fend off those ailments.

Experts say women using the estrogen-progestin combo shouldn't panic, but rather they should ask their doctors for advice on quitting or alternatives.

Check out the Journal of the American Medical Association website for more information.

Reported by: Dmitra Denmark