Udinsky Suspended

Suspended chief appraiser Gary Udinsky.
The Chatham County Board of Assessors has suspended chief appraiser Gary Udinsky. Undinsky's been at the center of controversy with taxpayers, county commissioners, and the Board of Assessors for a while.
More than 80,000 tax assessment notices were sent out about two weeks ago, but because of a computer program error, one-third of the notices were wrong, affecting people's tax notices and the school board's budget.
"Again I am sorry this happened," said Udinsky. "I take full responsibility."
It was this mistake that led the County Commission to grill Udinsky at the commission meeting held on Friday. Commissioners repeatedly asked how something like this could happen and requested a letter of explanation be written by the Board of Assessors.
This isn't the first time Udinsky has come under fire: back in December the commission requested that Udinsky resign.
That came after in-fighting within the Board of Assessors and poor performance reviews. Since then, the makeup of the board has been changed, and the infighting has not taken place. But on Friday, Gary Udinsky received word that he was suspended.
"Basically what I can say is, because it is a personnel matter, is that Mr. Udinsky is suspended for ten working days, or two weeks," board president Joe Vestal told us.
No reason has been given at this point--but Vestal will be addressing commissioners concerning this matter at Friday's meeting.
Gary Udinksy says he plans to appeal the suspension.
Reported by: Kim Angelastro