Residents React to Space Arrest

News of Sheriff Jay Space's arrest moved quickly through Effingham County.

"I think there's more behind this story than just his MS," commented concerned resident Sabine Player.

Many feel there is more than one side of the story, and it seems we are about to learn a lot more about the sheriff's actions. Wednesday, a 17-page petition documenting two years of activities by Sheriff Space--including more than 20 charges that Space possessed prescription drugs that weren't prescribe to him--was filed by the Effingham County Court.

Resident Melly Mcree said, "I voted for him I thought he was a good sheriff."

Residents like Mcree can't believe how their sheriff has fallen. She's one of the many who can't believe Space's actions, like an April altercation with Port Wentworth police over Space's speeding, are true.

"Like I said, it's hard not knowing all the details to make a decision whether or not he should be removed," said Mcree.

Reported by: Ryan Young