CAT Transfer Station Update

The County Commission, along with different organizations, has been putting pressure on CAT to come up with a new location.

Bus riders will continue to get on and off Chatham Area Transit buses at a bus stop near the proposed site of the transfer station, but as for seeing a building going up there...those plans have been put on hold.

Billy Hair, chairman of the County Commission, told us, "The current site [Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd. and Oglethorpe Avenue] is still in play." But, after growing pressure from different groups and the County Commission voting to find a new location, CAT has decided not to abandon the site, but once again look at other options.

"This is the third time we will consider alternate sites," said Hair. "We've done this twice before."

It's a small victory for those who have been opposed to the site near the Civic Center since the beginning.

"I think it's great, I think it is past due," said Richard Mopper of the Elbert Square Alliance. "I am delighted they're finally going to look at other locations."

WTOC has learned a new location they are looking at is the parking garage located on Broughton Street between MLK and Montgomery Street.

That location is just down the street from the original site, and a very popular bus stop downtown. The third location with which the Elbert Square Alliance agrees is on Fahm Street near the Thunderbird Motel. "It's a good site from the standpoint of easy access and works real well traffic-wise," said Mopper.

The sites will once again go through a federal review, in which all parties involved will look them over and meet to discuss which will be the best.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro