Beaufort County Elementary Students Back to School

Students at Beaufort Elementary hit the books on their first day back to school after a short summer break. This is the first year for the year-round schedule at Beaufort Elementary and Lady's Island Elementary. Teachers are hoping the new schedule will help students academically.

"What I'm hoping will happen is that the students won't forget as much information with a short three-week break," said Beaufort Elementary teacher Diana Small. "They should be able to retain a lot of the information."

Half of Beaufort County schools are now operating on a year-round calendar. The adoption of the schedule is a decision each school makes with the help of teachers and parents. Although this is Beaufort Elementary's first year, some schools in the district have been doing it for the past nine years.

Although this new schedule cuts these students' summer a month short, many were eager to return to their classrooms, each wanting to experience different things.

"To see my teacher," was student Nigeria Smalls' reason.

"I feel really good and I wanted to come back here and I just wanted to learn a lot of new things because it feels good," said Jacob Holland, who attends Beaufort Elementary.

This year, nine elementary and three middle schools are going year-round in the county. But none of the high schools have made the switch, leaving many families with conflicting schedules. Parents, however, say it's worth it.

"We've got some issues sometimes," said Richard Norris. "We've got the daughter that's already started today to year-round school, and my oldest daughter going to high school next month, so the schedules differ a little bit, but we feel it's worth it."

Year-round students will get three three-week breaks throughout the year, and five weeks off in the summer. Traditional-calendar schools are scheduled to be back in session in mid-August.

Reported by: Jaime Daily