_Cool off on Your Computer!_

To start, I went straight to the top. The arctic. The North Pole to be more specific. Turn the a/c as low as you dare, bundle up, and check out the National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration's Arctic theme page , a collection of cool links. You'll find a web cam watching the pole. Like they say about the sled dog races in this part of the world, the view almost never changes. They do explain why though, and a lot more.

For more interesting views, there are lots of choices in the Gallery section. You can go back to the bad old days, nearly one- hundred- years ago, or more modern explorers in an icebreaker. By the way, it's still summer up here as well, current temperature, a balmy 34 degrees.

Think about this as you reach for some fresh cubes to cool your drink. We didn't always have the ice maker in the kitchen. Why do you think our grandparents and beyond called the newfangled invention the icebox? I found a site in London that honors not just the London Canal , but also one of its key components… the Ice House. It shows how they actually had to harvest ice in the wintertime, slide it to ships, and ship it to London for the rich folks. They used it for all sorts of things, including, of course, ice cream. So check out the links to the history of our favorite summertime treat.

Hungry yet? I also found a crazy page all about ice cream, how to make it from scratch, the machines and ingredients beyond salt and ice, and some recipes you'll have to try. There's even a link to grits ice cream. Yes. Grits. They're not just for breakfast anymore.