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Mission of Mercy: In the dental clinic with the Maynard family

Kianna Maynard and Dr. Ann Linton-Maynard. Kianna Maynard and Dr. Ann Linton-Maynard.
Kimani Maynard. Kimani Maynard.

By Dawn Baker email | bio

KONONGO VILLAGE, GHANA (WTOC) - We're used to hearing about people right here in our community who work as missionaries all around the world.  But usually, they are adults.  This time when the Goodness and Mercy Foundation set up their clinic in Ghana for the week, they had a very special family with them.

They definitely wanted to help people, but when Savannah dentist Dr. Ann Linton-Maynard, decided to go on her first medical and take her young children, she also hoped that this experience would open their eyes  and make them better people. For them, I believe it was mission accomplished.

One by one, patients climb into the chair in front of Dr. Ann Linton-Maynard all hoping for some relief. Some like one little boy has been dealing with the pain for years.  This week, the doctor is getting some help from two able bodied assistants, her children, 12-year-old Kimani and 11-year-old Kianna.

After giving her little patient a dose of pain medication, Dr. Maynard gets to work pulling a few of his teeth. She also refers him to a clinic about 45 miles away where he can get some fillings. 

On this mission, the dentist can only do so much because of limited supplies,  but the child's aunt is grateful for what she can do. "God bless you," said Nanama Serwaah.

"The relief they have once we finish, they are so thankful and they are almost worshipping you for the work you're doing.  It makes you realize how fortunate we are, how blessed we are where we live to be able to have what we have and so many people make do with less and are thankful for the little bit that they get," explained  Dr. Ann Linton-Maynard.

"I feel good and excited that I am doing this for the people," said Kianna Maynard.

The Maynards worked some very long days trying to make sure everyone gets the help they need under some pretty unusual circumstances.  "We couldn't use a big light because it was too dull.  So we used a flashlight it was much closer in so she could see much better," added Kimani Maynard.

The whole week, Kimani and Kianna got an up close look at life in another country, life that sometimes can be more challenging than they are used to.  It's a summer trip they won't forget and their mom had hoped that this trip was going to be a learning experience for her children. 

It was. They made an awesome team. "I felt that they weren't appreciative enough. So I wanted them to be exposed to other cultures and other ways people live and let them get a better appreciation for what they have also to build in them that they can do things to help others too and not just think about themselves. They have truly amazed me because they blended in well and jumped to the challenge," stated Dr. Maynard.

"I think I will appreciate the things I have more and I will not ask for things as much because I know that the people in Africa don't have as much stuff as we have," explained Kianna.

"There are a lot of people out there who don't really have health care and not really the best living standards, but they deal with it.  If we don't have a very good house, then we'll just have a deal with it just like they do. They don't have half the well built homes we have and if they can deal with it we can deal with it too, "added Kimani. 

"I think it is a trip that everybody needs to take.  It's love and giving from the heart and it's a worthwhile cause," said Dr. Maynard.

By week's end, the doctor had pulled 127 teeth. Many of her patients had been suffering for years.  She says she couldn't have done it without the help of Brad Fennell and Patterson Dental Supply Company. For the last few years, they have donated supplies to help the dentists do their job in Ghana and Nigeria.

Tomorrow on THE News at 6, we'll show you one of the most dynamic city councilmen in our area, Van Johnson, hard at work in the village.  He played a key role in making sure that thousands of people got the care they needed.   

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