Georgia Republican Aims for Washington in First Public-Office Bid

She has been a mother, a grandmother, an author, a morning talk show host and wife of legendary football coach Vince Dooley. Now Barbara Dooley, who has never run for a political office, is running for Congress in one of Georgia's biggest and most diverse districts ever.

"I will guarantee you that I will fight for the 12th District for Savannah, Augusta, and Athens," she says.

The Republican candidate will be doing a lot of traveling the next few months: she's on the campaign trail to promote herself as the nation's newest congresswoman from one of Georgia's newest districts, the 12th.

"It was drawn for a democrat, but guess what? Republicans are going to win it," she boasts.

Her face may be new to the political arena, but if you're familiar with Georgia football, you know her name.

"I'm her best supporter because i know her," says husband Vince. "I've been with her 42 years and there's not a better person who could represent the new Congressional district better than Barbara Dooley."

The biggest issues on her political platform include: education, helping Georgia farmers, and protecting senior citizens to name a few. And with only a month left of campaigning before the republican primary, she's hoping Georgians are convinced she's the woman for the job.

Dooley's biggest opponent on the Republican side is Georgia Southern University professor Max Burns. The Georgia Republican primary elections will be held August 20.

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Reported by: Elizabeth Trevino