Georgia Ports Authority--By the Numbers

7 Container operations at the Port of Savannah rank seventh largest in the United States.
11 The percentage increase in the number of containers handled in FY02.
12 The number of international auto manufacturers utilizing the Port of Brunswick to import/export automobiles.
13 The number of import distribution centers located near the Port of Savannah.
15 Consecutive years of cargo growth for the Georgia Ports Authority.
1,700 The number of Georgia companies shipping or receiving cargo through the ports of Savannah and Brunswick.
81,000 The number of Georgia jobs directly or indirectly supported by port activities.
265,840 The number of automobiles and machinery units shipped and received via Savannah and Brunswick in FY02.
622,599 Tons of agri-bulk products handled via Brunswick in FY02, representing a 29% increase.
1,137,060 Number of TEUs* moved in FY02.
$585,000,000 Annual state and local tax receipts generated by Georgia's ports.
$2,000,000,000 Personal incomes generated by port activities.
$23,000,000,000 Revenues generated by Georgia's public and private port ativities.

*Twenty-foot equivalent units, a standard industry measure for comparative purposes