Georgia Ports Authority--Fact Sheet

Who: The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA)


Develops, operates and maintains deepwater port facilities in Savannah and Brunswick. The Authority also operates inland barge terminals in Bainbridge and Columbus.
  • The GPA directly employs approximately 650 people.
  • 2,180 vessels used GPA facilities in fiscal year 2002, representing a 7.5% increase
  • The Port of Savannah ranks as the seventh largest container port in the US.
  • The Port of Savannah handled 1.13 million TEUs in fiscal year 2002, representing an 11.3% increase.
  • The Port of Savannah serves 13 import distribution centers: Best Buy, the Bombay Company, California Cartage/Kmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Fred's, the Home Depot, Hugo Boss, Lowes, Michael's, Pier 1 Imports, Wal-mart Savannah, and Wal-mart Statesboro.
  • The Port of Savannah features the longest contiguous dock on the US East Coast with more than 7,720 feet of berthing space.
  • The Port of Savannah is planning construction of an eighth container berth which will increase the operating area by more than 80 acres and add 1,700 feet of berthing space.
  • The Savannah Federal Navigation Channel is maintained at minus 42 feet with plans to increase the depth to minus 48 feet.
  • The Port of Brunswick handled more than 251,230 auto and machinery units via the Colonel's Island Ro/Ro Terminal in fiscal year 2002, representing a 15% increase.
  • The Port of Brunswick is home to 12 prestigious international auto makers importing and exporting vehicles via the Colonel's Island Terminal.
  • Agri-bulk products moving through the Colonel's Island Terminal at the Port of Brunswick rose 29.3% for fiscal year 2002.
  • Fiscal oversight, policy guidance provided by 13-member board of directors--governor appoints members to serve four-year terms.
  • Executive director manages day-to-day operations.
When: Created by the state of Georgia in 1945
Why: To promote Georgia's agricultural, industrial and natural resources, to foster international trade and economic development for the state and maintain the environmental quality.
Results: 15 years of consecutive growth overall
  • $23 billion+ in revenue generated
  • $1.8 billion in personal incomes
  • $585 million returned annually in state/local taxes
  • 80,100 jobs created