Original CAT Station Location Scrapped

The original and controversial site for the Chatham Area Transit transfer station is no longer the primary location. After a special meeting this morning, Chatham County commissioners said all the bickering was leading them to a dead end.

The Chatham Area Transit Board had enough of the bickering and arguing--so today the original site of Oglethorpe and MLK was voted to move to the back burner, so new options can be looked into. Said chairman Billy Hair, "We can't keep changing our minds and changing our votes, we keep just changing all the time."

"Today really has put everything in the air," said Scott Lansing of CAT, "but we are looking at a downtown location."

Commissioners complained the building which CAT wanted to construct is too big--18,000 square feet was going to be office space.

"To me for CAT people to have plush offices and fancy retail space while I see a handicapped person on Middleground Road waiting for a bus, I think that's a problem," said District 1's Jeff Rayno.

Some people agree a solution to the problem is to build a scaled-down transfer station at that location and use the money saved to build smaller stations throughout the area.

But some riders who spoke up at the meeting don't agree.

"It would be convenient for me to catch a bus, any bus I want, in one location," said one rider.

The CAT board will be taking suggestions from riders as well as more than a dozen different organizations before it moves forward with any more plans. The full CAT board voted to hold a retreat so it can discuss any plans in detail and try and come up with an agreement on which direction it should take.

Reported by: Kim Angelastro